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Organization and Responsibilities

n  Organization

As a subordinate agency of the Examination Yuan, the Commission is headed by a Minister and two Deputy Ministers. In addition, there are five to seven full-time commissioners, who are nominated by the president of the Examination Yuan and appointed by the President, and another five to seven part-time commissioners appointed by the president of the Examination Yuan. All commissioners serve a three-year term and may be reappointed. For part-time commissioners who also serve as deputy heads of relevant government agencies, their terms of appointment will vary depending on their individual deputy position.


Commission Meetings are conducted under the collegiate system to review Protection Cases and civil service training polices and legislation. The Commission presently consists of the Department of Civil Service Protection, Department of Local Civil Service Protection, Department of Training Development, Department of Training Assessment, Secretariat, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Ethics Office, and the task force Counselors Office.


n  Organization Chart

Organization Chart

n  Responsibilities

1.        Formulation of policies, laws, and regulations governing civil service protection and training

2.        Safeguarding civil servants’ rights and interests associated with their civil servant status, working conditions, position rank and grade, remuneration, and other property rights under public law

3.        Promotion of medium to long-term development training of senior civil servants, examination qualification, rank promotion, administrative neutrality, and other relevant training programs

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