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Civil Service Protection

¢Establish Comprehensive Legislation for Civil Service Protection

In line with social development and practical requirements, the Commission will continue to organize seminars and workshops on timely topics, as well as review and amend civil service protection legislation, in order to ensure more comprehensive civil service protection.


¢Strengthen the Review and Adjudication of Protection Cases

The Commission will continue to swiftly review Protection Cases in a manner that is professional, fair, and objective. Parties concerned will be afforded more opportunities to make statements, so as to ensure procedural and substantial justice.


¢Improve Execution Performance

The Commission will continue to follow-up on decisions on Protection Cases, urge relevant government agencies to take administration actions in accordance with law, and announce to the public Protection Cases and implementation of the decisions. Such measures will ensure that the Commission’s decisions are binding and are able to safeguard the rights and interests of civil servants.


¢Reduce the Cause of Legal Action

To assist government agencies in the proper handling of Protection Cases, the Commission will continue to promote the civil servant protection system, assist government agencies in ensuring compliance, and analysing, on a regular basis, the common causes for the revocation of Protection Cases.



Civil Service Training

¢Perfect the Legal Framework for Civil Service Training

In line with the changing times, the Commission will formulate and amend civil service training laws and regulations to increase training effectiveness.


¢Establish a System of Civil Service Training

To develop top-notch and dynamic civil servants, the Commission will take measures to improve training effectiveness and develop training programs for those who have passed the civil service examinations, for rank promotion, and for senior civil servants.


¢Promote Overseas Training

To keep abreast of international trends and increase national competitiveness, the Commission will continue to work with training institutions abroad to organize overseas training with emphasis on problem-based learning.


¢Improve Training Assessment

The Commission will continue to integrate the objectives of different training programs and focus on the diversity and objectivity of assessment mechanisms. In addition, the Commission will likewise continue to seek to improve the reliability and validity of the assessment process so as to efficiently identify qualified civil service personnel.

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