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Political Deputy Minister


Name:Jen-Der Lue

Current position:

  • Political Deputy Minister of Civil Service Protection and Training  Commission


  • Director, Social Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government
  • Committee member, Executive Yuan Social Welfare Promotion Committee
  • Committee member, Ministry of Health and Welfare Health Care and Social Welfare Policy Promotion Advisory Group
  • Visiting Scholar of Max-Planck Institute for the Studies of Societies (MPIfG), Germany
  • Convener, Ministry of Education University Social Responsibility Counselling Group
  • Committee member, Ministry of Transportation and Communications Accessible Transportation Environment Promotion Group
  • Advisory Committee, Ministry of the Interior Information Development Promotion Group
  • Committee member, Ministry of Finance Public Welfare Lottery Supervision Committee
  • Convener, Employment and Social Security Group of Taiwan Think Tank
  • Chairman, Taiwan Social Welfare Association
  • Professor and Director, Department and Graduate Institute of Social Welfare, National Chung-Cheng University
  • Associate Dean, College for Social Science, National CHng-Cheng University
  • Director, Taiwan Thinktank


  • Ph. D in Social Science, University Bielefeld, Germany